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World Brands Distribution
More High Quality and Carefully Finished Leather Bags
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Online Wholesale (B2B) for Profitable Fashion Business

Discounted Prices: up to 70% off

WBDistribis a global fashion destination where you can find 24/7 fashion at its best for your online or offline business.
We belive that every customer on the Planet Earth deserves more high quality, fine materials and carefully finished clothes. Effortless style, authenticity and high quality materials are at the heart of our brand's philosophy.  
Here we supply a large range of clothing and accessories with worldwide delivery and discounted prices (up to 70% off). And our main focus is to help you grow your fashion business and to find the easiest way to increase your turn over.
So, if you already have a fashion business or you plan to start a profitable fashion business you won't regret if you will give us a try. Here's why:

  • We offer discounts up to 70% off for clothing, shoes, bags, fashion accessories
  • We offer low shipping costs, worldwide shipping
  • We offer you fast shipping (shipped within 2 working days)
  • We only sell high quality and carefully finished italian bags and accessories
  • All our products are in stock
  • We guarantee the best products at the lowest cost on market because we buy directly from the manufacturers
  • We answer to your emails in less than 24 hours
  • We use a clever technology to create a wonderful shopping experience. Our online platform is very simple to use and intuitive: you can shop online easily, you can see your history orders
  • We provide fully content details for a ready-to-launch marketing campaign: high-resolution product and marketing pictures, brand logo, details description and technical support
  • We have seasonal collections and big weekly discounts
  • We always provide the best quality products following the latest trends in fashion and fine materials
  • We ensure that we meet every delivery date we set
  • We are very friendly people, easy to work with and flexible. And very passionate about what we do.

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Phone: +40 720 004515
Email: office@wbdistrib.com